Today in Bali, Paris Saint-Germain and its partner PT Multistrada Arah Sarana. Tbk, owner of tyre brands Achilles and Corsa, announced the forthcoming opening of a year-round Paris Saint-Germain Academy run by Indonesian first-division club Bali United. This announcement comes along with the implementation of an exchange program on training skills and methodology between both clubs through the Parisian youth development academy. 

Further to the press conference which took place in the cultural center Balai Budaya Gianyar, about fifty children took part in an inaugural session of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy this afternoon, meanwhile the coaches of Bali United participated in a seminar given by the Parisian head of methodology of the youth development academy who was in Bali for the occasion.

Pieter Tanuri, president of Multistrada, said, “Football is becoming more and more popular in Bali and in the whole country. Multistrada and its brands Achilles and Corsa are major stakeholders in this sport. We are happy to share the benefits of our partnership with Paris Saint-Germain with Indonesian youngsters and Bali United. I am convinced that we will fulfill the dreams of numerous young people and will inspire them by offering a unique opportunity to learn how to play football in the best possible conditions.” 

Jean-François Pien, director of Paris Saint-Germain’s youth development academy, added, “It is a great honour for the Parisian youth development academy to contribute to the development of football in this country alongside Multistrada and Bali United. Our knowledge on the subject, both at amateur and elite level, is recognized all over the world. We are very happy to share from now on this expertise with our Indonesian friends.”     

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy in Bali will be inaugurated at the beginning of 2017. Coaches trained by the Paris Saint-Germain Academy will run training sessions for young Indonesians aged 6 to 19. In addition to football, these coaches will teach the values of the Parisian club to the young players. 

From this season onwards, and throughout the duration of the partnership, the Parisian youth development academy will organize exchanges between the youngsters from Paris Saint-Germain and Bali United with the aim of helping to improve training conditions for the best Balinese footballers.  

The partnership between Paris Saint-Germain and Multistrada, via its brands Achilles and Corsa, began in May 2016. In August, PSG’s players travelled to Los Angeles to star in an incredible film experience that combined the finesse of football and the precision of drifting, a pioneering discipline in which the Indonesian group is involved. A new advertisement is currently being created and will be broadcast in key markets.

About the Paris Saint-Germain Academy

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is a football school that is open to boys and girls from 5 to 16 years of age. To date, it is present in 15 different countries, with 48 year-round training centres and more than 150 seasonal camps. More than 11,500 children attend the Academies, half of whom live in countries other than France. 

In these training centres, around 110 coaches trained by the Club offer top-level coaching and guidance, with great attention paid to the values of excellence, pleasure and fair play in order to make the experience as fulfilling and as useful as possible. The coaching at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy is representative of that of the world-renowned European club. Whether they attend the training school all year round or join a training camp during school holidays, the children benefit from top-quality coaching using Paris Saint-Germain methods. 

With 11 centres open in the Greater Paris region, 4 elsewhere in France, and 33 more in 7 other countries worldwide (Brazil, USA, Canada, Morocco, Egypt, India, Dubai), the Paris Saint-Germain Academy is enjoying resounding success. It reflects the growing attractiveness of the Club both in France and abroad. 

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is part of the Club’s international development strategy and provides a doorway into the Paris Saint-Germain universe for youngsters from all over the globe.