The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Bali is the official Academy of the Paris Saint-Germain in Bali, offering a unique opportunity to all football lovers aged from 6 to 19 to share the values of a club driven by excellence and passion, recognized internationally for its know-how and the quality of its youth development.

Founded in 2005, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy symbolizes Paris Saint-Germain’s commitment to youth development and education.

It is the perfect embodiment of the strong connection between the Club and younger generations all over the world, and it continues to spread Paris Saint-Germain’s values across the Americas, Asia and Europe. Each year, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy welcomes more and more children throughout the world at its numerous football schools. Eleven thousand children – more than half of them overseas – have trained at one of the 52 Paris Saint-Germains Academy centers. We are proud to be part of the great Paris Saint-Germain Academy family and to be directly linked to high-standard European football club, committed to sharing sporting and educational values.